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Ultimate Cyber Security

Shield your company with our comprehensive capabilities & Next-Gen cyber security that ensure your operational readiness and protect your business against potential threats and cyber attack.

Free Technical Support

Got a problem with your Computer? Our Community of volunteers provide Free Technical support by E-Mail and there aren’t any hidden charges or T&C.

Web-Development & SEO Services

Our Innovative services (SEO & E-Marketing) empower your brand to showcase its digital presence. We specialize in delivering customized, superior & secure products to our clients.

Mobile App Development

We are experts at building fast, fluid, secure and beautiful mobile apps that make your users every interaction delightful and encourage them to tap, swipe, and buy.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

We provide peace of mind with constant update, uptime and securing your data. We support both on-site and off-site data storage in encrypted format.

Cyber Seminars

We understand our responsibly to aware and educate our community and country against cyber crimes and threats. Please feel free to contact us anytime.


Learning leads to Knowledge!

CyberAstra E-Portal

CyberAstra E-Portal


CyberAstra TechBlog

CyberAstra Blog

Open-Source Platform


Open-Source Technologies

Open source is Future


POC Projects

Concepts, Source-Codes, Demo etc..

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When Passion Becomes Profession!

  • Begning of CyberAstra

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We don't claim to be the leader or No.1, but we are genuinely one of The Best in IT and Cyber Security!!. We are a security company built by people with passion for IT & cyber security, It all started with curiosity towards Cyber Security and how IT Works, later transformed into passion and profession. We have come a long way(2006) and still have far to go.

  • CyberAstra to IT

    Transition from Ideas to IT

    After years of hard work and dedication for IT and Cyber Security, we have build a passionate and professional team that is capable enough to deliver what we promise to meet our clients expecations and earned a huge name in the world of Cyber security & other domains ot IT.

  • Why CyberAstra

    Why Cyber|Astra?

    IT is beyond Cyber Security

    Be it Cyber-Security or IT Services, We handle everything rather then outsourcing. Right from concept, design, testing and ensuring smooth launch, we handle every process professionally to maintain quality and accountability as we are 100% in-house and on-staff.

  • CyberAstra

    Why the name Cyber|Astra?

    IT is part of our Vision & Mission

    We don't want to write fancy lines to create a smokescreen. The only idea and inspiration behind the name was its uniqueness and our Mission, and Vision that justify our name “CyberAstra”

    “Cyber” means skills related to Computers and Information Technology (IT)

    “Astra” A Sanskrit Word which means a supernatural weapon that needs expertise to handle.

    IT and Cyber-Security are parallel domains that are dynamic, ever-changing and need expertise to understand. Therefore, CyberAstra is your perfect tool of preference when it comes to IT and Cyber-Security. Our team of experts at CyberAstra always focuses, research and passionately delivers what we promise and thrive for.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Our Amazing Team

The Top Three!

Harshita Bhambhani

Harshita Bhambhani

Lead Digital Marketer

Manmohan Chauhan

Manmohan Chauhan

Cyber Security Researcher & Programmer

Narendra Singh

Narendra Singh

Data Manager & Lead Developer

Experienced, Creative and Passionate IT Professionals who mix the passion for cyber security with cyber solutions and IT services.

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